FEM ALLIANCE UGANDA is a lesbian, bisexual, transgender and Queer organization, which was established in 2011 by a group of Trans and lesbians who felt that the needs of the growing LBT/Q community was not adequately represented by the few minority groups organizations in Uganda.

COVID19 RESPONSE (#mentalhealthawarenessweek)

With the way this pandemic has created chaos and confusion across the globe, it was quite a blessing when Fem Alliance Uganda reached out to it's members and provided some necessities to sustain them during this lockdown.

These included food and means of transportation like bicycles, Special thanks to the ED , Jay Mulucha and the whole board for such a kind and gracious gesture.

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Psycho Social Support Centre (#makingadifference)

We have a Psycho Social Support Centre that will work as a space where LBTQ persons can come and talk to a professional Psychologist and counsellor from 9am-5pm but also available on call fulltime.

We have also set up a feminist Art Studio that will work as a safe space to grow the queer feminist movement among LBQ women only in Uganda. Your therefore most welcome to our offices Or contact us through our social media pages.

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What we have accomplished from the previous years.

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